33rd International Conference on Solution Chemistry
Post-symposium on Ionic Liquids
From Science to Green Chemical Applications

Joint conference with the Ionic Liquid Research Association, Japan and the Prioritized Research Program for the Future Generation, Kanazawa University

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July 13, 2013
AIST Tokyo Waterfront   (PDF in Japanese)
Bio-IT Research Building / 11F Meeting Room
The nearest station : Yurikamome line, Telecom Center station
Keiko Nishikawa (Chiba univ.)
Yasuhiro Umebayashi (Niigata univ.)
Masayoshi Watanabe (Yokohama National univ.)
Kenji Takahashi (Kanazawa univ.)
Mitsuhiro Kanakubo (AIST)
Local organizers
Takeshi Morita (Chiba Univ)
Kenta Fujii (The University of Tokyo)
Takashi Makino (AIST)
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33rd International Conference on Solution Chemistry
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July 13, 18:30-
Fee: 3,000JPY
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* All the oral sessions are composed of plenary (40 min) and invited (20 min) talks.

» Program (PDF)

9:30-9:40Opening (Prof. Yasuhiro Umebayashi)
Green Chemistry Session
9:40-10:00Dr. Takashi Makino (AIST)
gCO2 Absorption/Compression Cycle Using Ionic Liquids for Air-Conditioningh
10:00-10:20Mr. Yusuke Funasako (Kobe University)
gVapor-Responsive Ionic Liquids from Cationic Metal-Chelate Complexesh
10:20-10:40Dr. Eiji Kamio (Kobe University)
gIonic Liquid Membranes for Gas Separationh
10:40-11:00Dr. Shinya Furukawa (Ajinomoto Co., Inc.)
gGreen Peptide syntheses Using Amino Acid Ionic Liquidsh
11:00-11:40Dr. Kazuaki Ninomiya (Kanazawa University)
gBiomass Refinery Using Ionic Liquidsh
Physical Chemistry Session I
13:00-13:20Mr. Hiroyuki Doi (Niigata University)
gStructure and Dynamics of Pseudo-Protic Ionic Liquids as Novel Proton Conductorsh
13:20-14:00Prof. Kenneth R. Harris (The University of New South Wales, Australia)
gScaling the Ionic Liquid Transport Properties: Lessons from High Pressure Studies and Molten Saltsh
14:00-14:20Dr. Thomas Sonnleitner (University of Regensburg)
gDielectric Spectroscopy of Protic and Pseudo-Protic Ionic Liquidsh
14:20-15:00Prof. Jose N. C. Lopes (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)
gModeling Ionic Liquids and Their Mixtures Using MD Simulations: From Predictions to Interpretationh
15:00-16:00Coffee Break / Poster Session
Physical Chemistry Session II
16:00-16:20 Dr. Kenta Fujii (The University of Tokyo)
gSolvation Structure of Polymer in Ionic Liquids Studied by X-ray/Neutron Scatteringh
16:20-17:00Prof. Masayoshi Watanabe (Yokohama National University)
gCriteria for Solvate Ionic Liquids and Their Electrochemical Applicationsh
17:00-17:40Prof. Mark Maroncelli (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
gSolute Motion in Ionic Liquids: NMR & Simulation Studiesh
17:40-18:20Prof. Edward Castner (The State University of New Jersey, USA)
gChemistry in Ionic Liquids: Structure, Interactions, Solvation and Electron Transferh
18:20-18:30Closing (Prof. Keiko Nishikawa)
18:30-20:00Reception (3,000 JPY)
Ionic Liquid Research Association, Japan
The Japan Association of Solution Chemistry
The Prioritized Research Program for the Future Generation, Kanazawa University
Research Center for Compact Chemical System, AIST.